We Pay 3-Times More than Other Buyers…and FASTER!

We Pay 3 Times More Cash

We Pay 3 Times More Than Other Buyers!

Cash for Gold USA pays more than other buyers of precious metals simply because we do a bigger volume and own our refinery. On the bottom line, this allows us to give you the absolute maximum for your broken and unwanted precious metal jewelry because we don’t have to deduct brokerage fees or refinery charges. Moreover, the large volume of business we do each month means we can pay as much as 3-times more than our competition and even pre-pay the postage and insurance on your FREE SAFEPAK mailer.

Update: CashforGoldUSA.com recently paid more than 10 times more than one of their competitors in an undercover experiment where 10 online gold buyers were sent the same precious materials. Cash for Gold USA paid more than $340 while some of the competitors only paid in the ~$30 range! If that doesn’t say anything we don’t know what will.

CJ Environmental, Inc., the parent company of CashforGoldUSA, is one of North America’s largest precious metal refiners. They work with both large corporations as well as individual consumers such as yourself. Because of their relationship with large companies and due to the fact that they own their own refinery, Cash for Gold USA is able to pay much more than 99% of online gold buyers. In addition, they pride themselves on providing unparalleled payouts to their consumers because of their business relationships.

We feel confident that you will be very pleased with the money you receive for your gold, platinum or silver. And you’ll have it FAST! We mail your check (or deposit it to your PayPal account within 24 hours of receiving your property.

No buyer can top that! Get your FREE SAFEPAK mailer today.