Sell Gold for Easy Extra Money

The Cleveland Browns Stadium and Playhouse Square aren’t the only great things about Cleveland. There are many opportunities for Cleveland, Ohio gold buyers to get cash for gold. With a little creativity and effort, gold jewelry and other gold items around the house can be sold for quick cash.

When seeking cash for gold, Cleveland, Ohio has multiple pawn shops. Pawn shops allow the customer to selling their gold outright or to pawn it. When you pawn your gold, you are using it as collateral to secure an interest-bearing loan from the pawn broker. Once the loan is repaid in full, you can retrieve your gold. If you sell it outright, you may get a great price for it, but it may not be as much as you hope for. This is because the pawn broker will need to resell the item and will need to be able to make a profit.

Getting rid of clutter around the house? A yard sale or garage sale is another opportunity for selling your gold. In this method, you can possibly get full resale value of your gold items, but that depends on the right buyer coming to your event, being willing to pay your asking price and having the cash on hand at the time of sale.

Placing ads online and in local papers is another option for getting cash for your gold. This can allow you to get a good price for it, but it can also take time to find the right buyer. Scammers troll these places looking for targets to take advantage of, so use caution when using ads to sell valuables such as gold. Never list your address and never meet with a buyer alone or meet at your home. If a buyer wants an appraisal, never let them take your gold. If they want to use their own appraiser, insist on a second appraisal with an appraiser of your choice, too.

Ads, yard sales and garage sales are not the only way to get rid of clutter, sell your gold and get a good price for it. Online gold buying companies will buy your gold jewelry, coins and other items, sometimes including household items that contain gold components. Each company will list their guidelines as to what they will and won’t buy on their website, and can be contacted if more information is needed.

Before selecting an online gold buying company, check out their fine print and read reviews about their services. Get quotes from several companies that are reputable and look good to you before selling your gold to any of them.

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