If you have unwanted gold items just sitting around, selling them can be a great way to make extra money and clear out storage space.

What Are the Best Places to Sell Gold in Charlotte, NC?

While you could visit a jeweler, pawn shop, or other South Charlotte jewelry loan business, the best place in Charlotte to sell gold is online! Traditional resellers only offer a percentage of your gold’s value. Online buyers like Cash For Gold USA are interested in materials and don’t have the costs of a storefront. This allows us to pay significantly more.

Sell Gold Coins

If you collect coins and currency, you may have valuable gold to sell. Examples of coins you might sell include:

  • Current bullion, like American Gold Eagles
  • Vintage coins, like those minted in the US before 1933
  • Collectible coins, like those commemorating people or events

Sell Gold Bars

24K gold bars are manufactured specifically for trade. Their standardized purity and clearly marked weights make appraisal simple and straightforward. Bars vary in size, but the average Charlotte resident will likely have bars around 1-10 grams.

If you’ve purchased or inherited gold bars, you can sell them to Cash For Gold USA for their full fair value.

Sell Scrap Gold

Scrap gold is any gold item that can’t be resold as is but can be sold to recycle for its materials. Examples of things commonly sold as scrap include:

  • Broken gold jewelry
  • Dental gold (bridges, crowns)
  • Gold hardware (drawer pulls, handles, etc.)
  • Certain electronic components with high gold content          

Sell Silver

We also buy other precious metals, such as silver. Examples of silver items you can sell include:

  • Silver jewelry and accessories
  • Silver and silver-plated utensils
  • Silver trinkets
  • Silver hardware

With competitive prices and fast, free appraisals, Cash For Gold USA is the best choice for selling gold and silver online. Find out how much you can get by requesting a free appraisal kit today.