Sell Gold for Cash in Chicago

That broken gold jewelry sitting in your drawer could be a fantastic source of income when you need it. If you live in the Chicago area and are thinking about selling gold, make sure you choose the right buyer for the best possible payout. 

Sell Gold in Chicago

Chicago is home to various pawnbrokers, jewelers and other in-person cash for gold stores. With these gold buyers, you’ll only receive a percentage of your gold’s resale value. If they can’t easily resell it, they may not buy it at all.

A better option is to use an online buyer like Cash For Gold USA. We focus on the material, which means we’ll buy gold in any condition and pay you based on fair market prices. We don’t have the costs of running a physical Chicago location, allowing us to pay you the full amount.

To find out how much you can get by selling your silver and gold in Chicago, request a free Appraisal Kit online today! 

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Sell Gold Coins

Gold coins have been minted for all kinds of reasons, from currency to collectibles. When sold for their gold material, these coins can be worth far more than their face value.

Types of gold coins you might sell include:

  • Collectible Gold Coins
    • Event coins (Lunar New Year, Olympics, etc.)
    • Presidential memorial coins
  • Vintage Gold Coins
    • German Marks
    • British Sovereigns
    • Pre-1933 U.S. Gold Coins
  • Current Gold Bullion Coins
    • American Eagles
    • American Buffalos

Some rare coins may have special historic or antique value. If you suspect you have any such coins, you might want to consult an antiques dealer or specialty coin shop before you decide to sell. 

Sell Gold Bars

Gold bars are an easily traded form of investment-grade gold. Average investors have bars somewhere around 1-10 grams in weight, but larger bars may be kept by reserve banks and other entities. If you’ve previously purchased or inherited gold bars, they’re very easy to appraise and sell for an accurate amount.

Sell Scrap Gold

Any gold that can’t be resold in its current condition is generally considered to be scrap gold. Although in-person Chicago stores may not buy these items, we will. 

Examples of scrap gold include:

  • Broken gold jewelry
  • Dental gold (bridges, crowns)
  • Gold furniture hardware
  • Gold or gold-plated decor
  • Items with gold embellishments

No matter what condition it’s in, we’ll buy any and all scrap gold you want to sell. The material can then be recycled and used to make other gold items.

Sell Silver

We also buy other precious metals, including silver. Even though silver prices aren’t quite as high as those of gold, it’s another excellent source of extra funds.

Types of silver items you might sell to us include:

  • Damaged, old silver jewelry and accessories
  • Silver dollars and other coins
  • Sterling silver or silver-plated utensils
  • Silver hardware or decorative accents

About Cash For Gold USA

Cash for Gold USA is a prominent online buyer of goldsilver, platinum, and palladium in the United States. Since 2005, we have paid millions to thousands of customers for their unwanted or broken precious metal jewelry. We offer a quick and straightforward selling process, ensuring customers receive prompt and competitive offers for their items. Learn more about us and what our customers say about Cash for Gold USA, or request your free Appraisal Kit now:

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