Gold jewelry, coins, and even gold dental work can be a source of extra income when you need it. With free professional appraisals and competitive offers, Cash for Gold USA makes sure you get the most accurate value and the best possible payout.

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Dallas Gold Buyers Near Me

There are a few options for selling your gold in Dallas. You could sell to a jeweler, pawn shop, or in-person gold exchange store. A better alternative is to sell to an online buyer like Cash for Gold USA.

In-person stores are usually interested in reselling your gold items. To make a profit, they can only offer a portion of the resale value. As an online buyer, we don’t have to pay for a physical Dallas store and aren’t concerned with resale. We’ll pay you the full value of the material, regardless of purity or condition. Get your free Appraisal Kit now.

Sell Gold Coins

Gold has been used for centuries to make coins for currency, collectible, and commemorative purposes. If you have gold coins from a personal collection or inheritance, they can be sold for cash when you need it.

Examples of gold coins we buy include:

  • Current gold bullion coins
    • Gold Buffalo (U.S.)
    • Gold Eagle (U.S.)
    • Maple Leaf (Canada)
  • Vintage coins
    • U.S. gold coins minted before 1933
    • Sovereigns (Britain)
    • Marks (Germany)
  • Collectible or commemorative coins
    • Presidential memorial coins
    • Event coins (Lunar New Year, sporting events, etc.)

If you have any particularly special coins, you may want to speak to a coin expert in the Dallas-Fort Worth area first. Certain coins could be worth more if sold to a collector.

Sell Gold Bars

Gold bars of various sizes are manufactured specifically for the purposes of investment and trade. These bars are held to strict standards and must be 24 Karat (at least 99.5% gold).

1000g gold bar fine gold 999.9


Gold bars are imprinted with their weight and purity. The average Dallas investor will typically have bars ranging from 1-10 grams in weight, but heavier bars are common among larger investors and reserve banks. Naturally, the larger the bar, the more money it will sell for. 


Sell Scrap Gold


Broken or damaged gold items can also be sold to us as scrap gold. We’ll pay you the price of the precious metals used, and then recycle the materials for reuse.


Examples of items that can be sold as scrap gold include:


  • Gold dental bridges, crowns, etc.
  • Utensils and dishes with gold embellishments
  • Gold drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and other furniture hardware
  • Gold-plated items
  • Gold decor and trinkets
  • Broken gold necklaces, rings, and other jewelry


Sell Silver


We also buy silver items of any quality or condition. Though it isn’t worth as much as gold, you can still fetch a nice price for the silver material used.


Examples of silver items you might sell include:


  • Silverware
  • Broken or damaged silver jewelry
  • Silver coins
  • Silver decor
  • Silver furniture hardware


Find out how much your gold and silver are worth by filling out our appraisal request form online today!

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