Selling old, unwanted gold jewelry, coins, bars, and other scrap gold is a great way to free up space, clear out clutter and make extra cash for rent, bills, and other expenses.

The amount you can get for selling your gold in Indianapolis depends primarily on the weight of the items, the purity of the metal and the current market price for gold. An online gold calculator to determine the melt value of your items. However, as prices fluctuate and buyers vary, the actual amount you’re offered for your gold may differ.

The best way to know for sure how much your gold is worth is to get it appraised by the buyer. All Cash For Gold USA appraisals are free, and you’ll have an accurate offer within 24 hours of when we receive your items.

Gold Buyers Near Me in Indianapolis

If you’re not sure where to sell gold jewelry in Indianapolis, you have a couple of options. For a long time, jewelry stores, pawn shops, and other in-person cash for gold businesses were the standard choice. These types of buyers have to consider resale value and overhead costs, so they typically offer a set portion of an item’s value.

Another option is to sell your gold remotely to an online buyer like Cash For Gold USA. Instead of giving you only part of the resale value of your items, we pay you for the full material value of your gold. Because we do everything online, we’re able to be more competitive with our prices and service. In-person buyers in Indiana aren’t likely to beat our offers.

Sell Gold Coins

Gold has long been used for currency, and gold coins are still manufactured and sold around the world today. Some of these coins are minted by countries as investment-grade gold bullion, while others are made privately for various purposes. Even if a gold coin is no longer accepted as currency, its material still has good cash value.

Examples of different types of gold coins you can sell include:

  • Vintage coins
    • Pre-1933 Liberty Gold Eagle
    • Pre-1933 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle
    • British Sovereign
    • Italian Umberto 20 Lire coin
  • Bullion coins
    • American Gold Eagle
    • Chinese Panda
    • Canadian Maple Leaf
    • South Korean Gold Phoenix
  • Commemorative and collectible coins
    • Lunar New Year coins
    • Time-limited event coins
    • U.S. presidential commemorative or memorial coins

Some coins could still be desirable as is among collectors or historians. If you have any such coins, you may want to visit a coin expert in Indiana first. If they don’t have any additional collectible or historical value, you can sell it to us for the material price.

Sell Gold Bars

Another common form of gold that can be sold is investment-grade bars of bullion. These bars come in a variety of weights and sizes, and can be made by various manufacturers under strict purity and quality standards. The bars are expected to be at least 99.5% pure gold.

The most commonly traded sizes of gold bars range from about 1-10 grams, but larger bars may be traded by major investors. Central reserve banks, for example, commonly keep their gold in large, 400 troy ounce bars (or “ingots”).

If you have gold bars from a prior investment purchase, inheritance or gift, you can sell them to us for their current cash value. The larger the bar, the more money you can get.

Sell Scrap Gold

Gold items that will be recycled and refined for their materials are considered what’s called “scrap gold.” Unlike resale shops, scrap gold buyers will take any item regardless of its condition, purity or desirability. At Cash For Gold USA, we’ll buy any gold you want to sell us, even if it’s heavily damaged or broken beyond repair.

Common examples of scrap gold you may have in your house include:

  • Broken gold necklaces, watch bands, earrings, etc.
  • Damaged or bent gold rings
  • Gold-plated items
  • Gold drawer pulls and decorative accents from furniture
  • Various gold hardware
  • Dental gold from crowns or bridgework
  • Other metal items with gold embellishments

Sell Silver

In addition to gold, silver items can also be sold to a precious metals buyer for cash. Selling off unwanted silver items not only frees up space in storage, it also gives you money for bills, rent, gifts, and more.

We buy all kinds of silver items, including:

  • Silver utensils, plate chargers, serving trays, etc.
  • Broken silver jewelry, including partial pieces
  • Silver engagement and wedding rings
  • Silver decor and trinkets
  • Silver coins
  • Silver-plated pieces
  • Silver hardware from furniture, cabinets, handbags, etc.
  • Various other types of scrap silver

If you’re looking to sell your silver or get cash for gold in Indianapolis, you’ll find the best prices online at Cash For Gold USA. Request your free Appraisal Kit today to get started.

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