Whether you need money for bills or just want to free up storage space, selling unwanted jewelry or diamonds can help you achieve that goal. Of course, it all starts with choosing the right buyer.  

Where to Sell Gold in Seattle

For a long time, selling gold in Seattle meant visiting jewelry stores and pawn shops. These still exist, but they’re typically only able to offer a portion of the items’ resale value. Comparing offers means driving all over the city, and they may be picky about what they buy.

Online gold buyers like Cash For Gold USA are able to offer your gold’s full material value regardless of condition. Because we don’t have the expenses of running a store, we’re able to make the most competitive offers. Our process is simple and fast, and everything can be done from home.

Sell Gold Coins

All kinds of gold coins have been minted, from usable money to commemorative tokens. If you have gold coins in your collection, they’re very easy to sell for their materials.

Examples of coins you might sell include:

  • Vintage coins
    • Pre-1933 gold U.S. coins
    • Old international currency like German Gold Marks
  • Current bullion coins
    • American Gold Eagles
    • American Gold Buffalos
  • Collectible and commemorative coins
    • Memorial coins
    • Event coins (Olympics, etc.)

You may want to take your collection to a coin or antiques expert before selling. Certain coins could be worth more for their collectible or historical value than for their materials.

Sell Gold Jewelry

If you want to sell gold jewelry in Seattle, keep in mind that retail buyers only want items they can resell without much work. At Cash For Gold USA, we’ll accept any gold jewelry or accessory you want to sell.

Examples of jewelry you could sell include: 

  • Damaged or broken necklaces, bracelets or rings
  • Old, out-of-style pieces 
  • Vintage gold jewelry
  • Engagement or wedding rings

Sell Scrap Gold

“Scrap gold” is any gold item that can’t be easily resold as is. It can, however, be sold to us for its gold content, which is then recycled. This puts money in your pocket and gives new life to material that would otherwise sit in a Washington landfill.  

Examples of scrap gold include: 

  • Dental gold (bridges, crowns)
  • Gold drawer pulls, cabinet handles, etc.
  • Damaged utensils or china with gold embellishments
  • Pieces of broken gold items

Sell Silver

Another popular precious metal we buy is silver. Although it may not be worth as much as gold, you can still sell silver coins, jewelry, and more for their material value as well. 

Examples of silver items you might have at home include: 

  • Broken or damaged silver jewelry
  • Sterling silver hardware
  • Silver or silver-plated utensils
  • Silver coins

To find out how much you can get for your unwanted gold and silver, start by requesting a free appraisal kit online today.