How to Sell a Rolex Watch

“I found a Rolex watch, can I sell it?” That’s a question we hear quite often at Cash For Gold USA. A lot of people have had the experience of discovering an old, worn-out Rolex in an attic or another rarely visited area of the home and instantly realizing they might be able to make some extra money.

Luckily, it’s more than easy to sell your Rolex watch to Cash For Gold USA. To start the process, all you need to do is fill out our handy online form to request free shipping materials.

After that, you send over your items via USPS or FedEx. Within 24 hours, we’ll appraise your items and make an offer. Payments are made by check, bank wire, or PayPal.

With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and millions paid out to our customers, we’ve become the most trusted name in the online B2C gold-buying business. Feel free to check out our FAQ page for more information on how to sell your Rolex to us.

Cash For Gold USA is an online-based business that serves customers from all over the United States. We have many customers in each of the following cities:

  • Atlanta
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We work hard to make our customers’ transactions as quick and transparent as we can.

Q&A: How and Where to Sell a Rolex Watch

A lot of customers aren’t sure what they need to do to get cash for Rolex watches in their possession. Don’t worry—we’ll lead you through the process. Here are some common questions that customers have about exactly how and where to sell Rolex watches.

Where Can I Sell a Rolex Watch?

It’s not difficult to find buyers of used Rolex watches, but not all of your options are equally appealing. There are plenty of jewelry shops and pawn shops that buy Rolex watches, for instance, but they tend to offer quite low prices for these kinds of items. They can’t afford to give you more because these businesses usually have high operating expenses. Furthermore, they often don’t have the expertise to appraise these watches accurately. As a result, you’re not likely to get a reasonable price for your Rolex.

Online businesses provide another option, and you may even be able to get significantly more money for your Rolex with this route. However, caution is needed, as not all of these kinds of businesses are reputable, and sometimes online selling platforms won’t take your side even if you’re in the right. It’s all too easy to get tangled up in a messy, expensive, time-consuming dispute. These are compelling reasons why, when it comes to selling your Rolex, you can’t just ask Google “where to sell Rolex watches near me” and pick a random business.

Cash For Gold USA provides a trustworthy alternative. Our lengthy track record as buyers of Rolex watches and other gold jewelry—we’ve served thousands of customers to date—indicates that we know what we’re doing.

Where’s the Best Place to Sell My Rolex?

Right here at Cash For Gold USA. Established in 2005, we have earned a reputation as one of the largest and most reputable online gold buyers in the world. We’re experienced with a wide variety of gold items—not just Rolex watches but also gold jewelry, gold coins, scrap gold, silver coins, and more. We buy Rolex watches that are even severely damaged or non-functional because we appraise them according to weight and purity of their gold content rather than their overall condition.

When you work with us, you also get our Price “Beat” Guarantee: We will beat any competitor’s written offer or return your items to you free of charge. Get your free, insured Appraisal Kit:


How Do I Sell My Rolex?

When you choose Cash For Gold USA, it’s very easy to get started. Just go to our convenient online form and fill out the required information in the fields provided. You’ll need to input which kind of shipping materials you’d like (USPS mailer or FedEx label), your basic contact information (name, phone, email address), and your shipping address.

When you receive your shipping materials, place your Rolex(es) inside and send the shipment to us. Your package will be insured and trackable. Once we receive your shipment, it takes us only 24 hours to appraise the Rolex(es) with our GIA-certified assays and present you with an offer, which you can accept or decline. If you accept, we pay promptly via check, bank wire, or PayPal. If you decline, we’ll return your items to your address at no cost to you. And you can always call us toll-free at 1-866-300-1430 with your questions or concerns.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Rolex Watch?

It would be hard to say that there is ever a bad time to sell a Rolex watch. Gold prices are currently quite close to an all-time high—an especially relevant consideration if your Rolex is seriously damaged and cannot be sold for its normal market rate.

Those kinds of considerations aside, you might also want to sell your Rolex for cash if you no longer have any sentimental attachment to the item and do not plan to give it to anyone as a gift or heirloom. If you’re not using it for anything, and you don’t want to bequeath it to another person, then the cash you could get for the watch would probably mean more to you than the watch itself does.

What Information Do I Need to Sell a Used Rolex?

Under normal circumstances, you should try to gather as much documentation about your watch as possible before you go about trying to sell your Rolex. To begin with, you should find the serial number and the model number of your watch. If you have other documents relating to the original sale of the watch (guarantee card, sales receipts, service/repair records, warranty forms, etc.), you should gather those as well. These provide information that help the buyer verify the authenticity of the watch. In fact, many places that buy Rolex watches will request these items from you, so it’s usually best if you keep them around. How much is a Rolex worth without papers? Generally less than a Rolex with papers.

Another usually important item—especially if you expect to get the highest possible price—is the box that the Rolex came in. Basically, it tends to be wise to retain as many documents and items linked to your Rolex as you can.

However, none of this is necessary when you deal with Cash For Gold USA. Because we’re interested in the gold of your Rolex rather than its condition, you can sell to us even if you don’t have access to the original box or any associated documentation. Just send your Rolex to us and we’ll appraise it on the basis of its gold value. With Cash For Gold USA, selling a Rolex without papers has never been easier!

Why Come to Cash For Gold USA to Sell Your Rolex?

With so many buyers of used Rolex watches out there, why would you choose Cash For Gold USA? There are plenty of reasons:

  • “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • We provide our customers with free shipping materials, delivered straight to their door
  • We pay within 24 hours
  • We’re insured by Lloyd’s of London for $100,000
  • We offer the highest price for gold
  • We give customers a 10% bonus for gold shipped to us within seven days

We buy all kinds of men’s and women’s used Rolex gold watches, including these:

  • Day-Date 36
  • Day-Date 40
  • Cosmograph Daytona
  • Datejust 31
  • Lady-Datejust
  • Sky Dweller
  • Cellini Date
  • Cellini Moonphase
  • Cellini Time
  • Pearlmaster 39
  • Yacht-Master 42
  • GMT-Master II
  • Submariner Date

If you have any questions, you can always call us toll-free at 1-866-300-1430.

Selling Your Used Rolex for the Best Price

Rolex, based in Geneva, Switzerland, reportedly sells up to $8 billion of luxury watches every year. That comes out to about 800,000 new Rolex watches produced per annum. There’s no doubt that the business of selling Rolex watches is very lucrative, and that goes for the pre-owned market as well.

Rolex watches associated with famous personages have sold for massive amounts of money—for example, a Rolex Daytona that once belonged to the actor Paul Newman sold for $17.8 million at a New York auction in 2017. That isn’t the only time a Rolex auction has generated a substantial sum of money. Two years after the Newman Rolex sale, golfer Jack Nicklaus sold off his 18-karat gold Rolex Day-Date for $1.2 million.

It’s safe to say that you won’t be getting anything close to that amount for your old Rolex. In fact, it may be difficult for you to get even the normal market rate for your watch. That’s especially true if your Rolex has significant flaws or lacks the “papers” that were included with its original sale.

When we talk about “papers,” we’re referring specifically to the guarantee card that comes with the Rolex watch when it is sold brand-new. With newer Rolex watches (made since the mid-2000s), the paper is actually plastic and looks like a credit card, while older Rolex watches have a literal piece of paper. The card includes some important info: the name of the retailer who first sold the watch, the date of purchase, and the name of the purchaser. If the Rolex watch stops operating properly at any point during the five-year warranty period, the guarantee card allows the owner to get it repaired free of charge.

It’s important to understand that Rolex absolutely refuses to replace a lost guarantee card. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. And if that’s the case, it will negatively impact the normal market value of the watch.

When people talk about the papers of a Rolex watch, they’re often referring also to the “full set” of paraphernalia that’s supposed to come with it. This includes not only the guarantee card but also the presentation box and all the accessories that were originally sold along with the watch. The ideal for a pre-owned Rolex watch is to have a full set. If you’re missing one or more of the standard accessories, you may have trouble selling your Rolex for its full value. Fairly or not, many buyers of used Rolex watches tend to operate under the assumption that a watch without the proper accessories is stolen, especially if it’s a newer watch. Other places consider the accessories an essential part of the watch.

Can you sell a watch without papers? At Cash For Gold USA, you certainly can. We appraise watches based on their gold content. If you’re talking about conventional pre-owned Rolex buyers, things are different. You may be able to sell your Rolex to them without papers, but it can be difficult, and you will probably not get as much as you otherwise would.

When you deal with Cash For Gold USA, it’s easy to sell a Rolex with no papers, because those have nothing to do with the value of the gold in the watch. For the same reason, you can also sell us a badly damaged or completely non-functioning watch.

Where to Sell Your Rolex?

As we’ve said, that’s a question that has multiple answers, but most of them have serious drawbacks. Here’s a brief overview of the places where you can sell used Rolex watches:

eBay: People sell all kinds of stuff on eBay, so why not Rolex watches? eBay isn’t for everyone, though. Many sellers have had trouble with unethical customers who hit them with chargebacks, bad feedback, and other aggravations. You’ll also have to register accounts with eBay and PayPal if you haven’t already. In fact, there are quite a few risks involved with selling on eBay, and there’s no reason to subject yourself to them when you have a better option with Cash For Gold USA.

Craigslist: This is another popular selling platform that has been around for years. It too has its share of problems. Scammers can be found here as well; one common con is to pay with a check or money order that later proves to be fraudulent. For that reason, some people sell only to those that they can meet in person, but that strategy is also not without its dangers. Craigslist phishing scams, which fool sellers into giving over their financial information, are also not uncommon. You can save yourself all these hassles by using Cash For Gold USA.

Jewelry shops: With a jewelry shop you’re at least selling to an established organization, rather than a private individual you know nothing about. Nonetheless, these shops can cause you problems. We’ve already mentioned that these shops often frown on Rolex watches that don’t come with the proper accessories. In addition, they tend to be ignorant of the true retail value of these watches. Rolex quotes from these shops are frequently much less than their customers would prefer.

“If all this is true,” you may be saying right now, “then who buys Rolex near me that I can actually trust?” The answer is Cash For Gold USA. We’ve streamlined the process so you don’t have to worry about all the hassles associated with brick-and-mortar shops and other online selling platforms. As we’re based on the internet, we can do business with you no matter where you live in the country. You don’t have to search for “Rolex buyers near me.” If you’re located anywhere in the U.S., then we’re “near” enough.

Why Sell to Cash For Gold USA?

Here is a listing of reasons why you should consider Cash For Gold USA if you want to sell your Rolex for cash:

Free shipping materials: We’ll send you a USPS mailer or a FedEx label (your choice) without any charge to you.

Insured shipments: Whether you send your Rolex to us via USPS or FedEx, your shipment is insured. Your FedEx shipment will be insured for up to $5,000, and you have the option of obtaining additional insurance as well.

Fast service: We’ll send an offer for your Rolex watch no later than 24 hours after your mailer arrives at our office.

Free appraisal: We do our appraisals in house, with our certified technicians, and we won’t charge our customers for them.

No obligation: You don’t have to accept our offer if you’re not thrilled about the amount of money we’re willing to pay. If you decline the offer, we’ll ship your Rolex watch back at no charge to you.

Multiple payment options: You have your choice of receiving payment by check, PayPal, or bank wire.

Price “Beat” Guarantee: We will beat any competitor’s written offer or return your items to you free of charge.

Satisfaction guarantee: Customers who are not satisfied with our offer can decline the offer and then we’ll return your Rolex watch to you for free.

Fair prices: We use GIA-certified assays to ensure accurate appraisal of the gold in your Rolex watch.

Tons of positive reviews: We have literally hundreds of five-star reviews.

Experience: Cash For Gold USA was founded in 2005, and we have amassed a considerable amount of expertise pertaining to gold and other precious metals.

On top of all that we typically pay more than our biggest competitor. We were named one of Inc. 500’s fastest-growing companies in the United States.

(H2) How to Ship a Rolex Watch to Cash For Gold USA

Sending your used Rolex to Cash For Gold USA is a very safe and secure process. You can easily track the shipment while it’s in transit, and your Rolex will be insured.

Shipping your Rolex watch to us is a simple three-step process:

Step #1: Fill out the form on the homepage of this website. At this stage, we just need a few pieces of information from you, including the type of mailing material you plan to use (USPS mailer or FedEx label). These mailing materials are totally free of charge to you.

Step #2: When you receive your free Appraisal Kit, put your Rolex watch(es) inside and send it to us. You may use your own mailer if you select the FedEx option. Remember, your shipment is insured.

Step #3: We extend an offer to you within 24 hours of the mailer’s arrival at our office. It’s up to you to accept or decline the offer. If you decline, your watch(es) will be returned to you free of charge.

It’s really that easy. Again, you have your choice of getting your money via check, PayPal, or bank wire. The electronic options allow you to get your money almost immediately. If you have any questions, you can always call us toll-free at 1-866-300-1430.

Why Sell Your Rolex Watch Now?

So you have an old Rolex watch that you’d like to sell. It doesn’t really mean anything to you anymore, you don’t have the papers that originally came with it, and maybe it’s in pretty bad shape as well. The logical thing to do is to find a few places that buy and sell Rolex watches so you can weigh your options and get the best deal.

But why now? What’s the hurry? Those are reasonable questions. It’s not necessarily a matter of “Where can I sell my Rolex watch?”—it’s a matter of when. You could easily put your Rolex watch back on that shelf in your closet and wait a few more years. However, that may not be the best way to sell your Rolex. There are valid reasons why it might be better to sell a Rolex for cash now rather than later.

The primary reason is that the price of gold, at the present time, is close to an all-time high. In August 2020, the price of gold rose above $2,000 per ounce, whereas the price was only $1,579 per ounce in January of the same year. As recently as September 2018, the price stood at $1,219! Gold has in fact been rising quite steadily in recent years, and it’s getting quite close to the 100-year peak that occurred back in 1980.

That may sound like a good reason to hold onto your Rolex. After all, if the price of gold keeps rising, you eventually might be able to get even more money than you would now. The problem is that there’s no guarantee that the price of gold will continue on its upward trend. Actually, there are reasons to suspect that we may be in a bubble that is about to burst.

The last time gold was valued at this level was in 2011-12—right before the price crashed. Prior to the collapse in gold prices, a number of economists warned that the price of gold was far outpacing the rate of inflation, which is one of the perennial indicators that gold is being overvalued.

Today, a similar situation seems to be developing, as the price of gold is rising much faster than the rate of inflation. That could be a sign that the price will begin to dip before long. It’s possible that gold prices will simply continue to rise—but if history is any indication, there’s a good chance that we’re soon in for another price crash.

Another indicator of a potential price crash on the horizon is the high investor activity surrounding gold right now. The conventional wisdom says that gold is a good investment in bad economic times. Consequently, many investors out there are keeping themselves busy buying up gold left and right. All that activity has the effect of driving up the price of gold beyond its natural level—and it may not stay there for long. Selling now means you will avoid any crash that might happen in the near future.

So what does all that mean to you, as someone hoping to sell your Rolex watch sooner or later? It means that now is an excellent time to get rid of your watch, especially if it has the kinds of imperfections (such as missing papers) that make it unlikely to nab the normal market price for it. There is no doubt that the price of gold is very high right now, so selling now means you’re already doing better than someone who sold off their gold just a few years ago, for instance. It could be argued that you might get an even better price later on, but no one would be able to say that it’s incredibly unwise to sell now. You may or may not get the best possible price, but you will certainly get a good price.

Selling now also gives you access to immediate cash, which tends to be very helpful in a shaky economy. Having more money in the bank gives you a greater sense of security and easy access to funds whenever you need it.

The economy is on unsteady ground right now. Selling your gold Rolex watch will give you some quick cash that can be put to use immediately.

Why Cash For Gold USA Is Different

If you’ve been wondering who buys used Rolex watches in your area and have taken the time to research a few shops, you’re probably already aware that there are quite a few businesses out there that purchase these kinds of items. All you need to do is type “where can I sell my Rolex watch near me” into your trusty search engine and you’ll get as many results as you could possibly want. So why would you choose Cash For Gold USA when you have all these other businesses that buy and sell Rolex watches? What makes us different?

This is where we could point to our reputation for fairness as verified by a huge number of satisfied customers who have taken advantage of our services in the past. We like to think that we’re fairer and more reputable than most of those jewelry shops and pawn shops that sell Rolex watches, and our growing collection of five-star reviews backs us up on that.

What really sets us apart from most of those places where you sell or pawn Rolex watches is that we’re essentially a scrap gold buyer. We don’t care about the condition of your Rolex watch. We don’t care whether you still have the presentation box or the guarantee card. We don’t care whether the watch even works at all. All that matters to us is the gold content of your Rolex. The amount of gold in a Rolex watch varies according to the model, and we will extend an offer based on the precise amount of gold in the watch that you send to us.

If you have a used Rolex watch that is in less-than-ideal condition, many buyers will refuse to give you an offer that you would find reasonable. Although it isn’t impossible to sell a banged-up old model without papers to someone who buys Rolex watches, it can be an uphill struggle. With Cash For Gold USA, there’s no struggle, and no need to go through the hassle of trying to persuade anyone that your old Rolex without papers really is legitimate. Above all, there’s no need to figure out where to sell pre-owned Rolex watches that have been gathering dust in your closet for years now—just come to us.

We’ve made the whole process as simple and hassle-free as possible. You can start by filling out our convenient online form to request your free Appraisal Kit. Then just put it in the mail—we’ll handle the rest, and you’ll hear from us shortly.

No matter where you live in the U.S., Cash For Gold USA is the answer to that timeless Google query “Where can I sell my Rolex near me.” Because we’re based online, we can serve all regions of the U.S. equally well. That’s why we have customers from New York City to San Francisco. Discover why Cash For Gold USA has become one of the biggest online B2C gold buyers in the world. If you need more information, just call us toll-free at 1-866-300-1430.

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