by Maya Bornstein

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As gold is currently priced higher than ever, it is no surprise gold buyers and refiners are popping up on every corner. The gold exchange has become a confusing world to navigate. With such a wide variety of information, services, and contradiction online reviews, gold sellers are in desperate need of some honest guidance for attaining the highest possible cash returns.

This is where “The Gold Profit Formula” enters stage left. The most recent article from declares that all a person needs in order to make bank in the gold trade is some good old-fashioned Knowledge. Essentially, the site claims, all the financial whizzes over at Absolute Wealth sat down, took a good hard look at the gold industry, and put together this comprehensive guide that transforms ordinary nine-to-five individuals into gold trade authorities speaking fluent Goldish within mere hours. The compendium is meant to train its patrons on every aspect of buying and selling the prized yellow metal, from recognizing and evaluating worth, pricing correctly, selling to refiners, and knowing the complete map of ins and outs pertaining to the business.

Here’s the big selling point: Absolute Wealth says that anyone (that means you!) can become a proficient member of the gold market through this training system, thereby amassing such a fortune that that previously cushy day job can easily be given over to the next sucker in line in favor of a lucrative buy-and-sell enterprise. Written exclusively by professional financial advisors and real-life investors, the Gold Profit Formula utilizes the consistently high demand and popularity of this exquisite material coupled with its substantial dollar value to provide adherents of the program with all the information they need the metal and the industry that encompasses it.

You don’t need to be told that this is a thrilling offer. Especially in a struggling economy, few people would turn down a simple way to make a solid amount of cash without any illegal, unethical, underhanded tricks or schemes. As Absolute Wealth says, all you need to be successful in this world is the pure knowledge of how to do it, and the drive required to put that knowledge into action. Here is one company that can provide the information– the question is, what will you do with it once it’s yours?

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