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Knowing when to sell gold and jewelry is crucial for those looking to maximize the value of those assets, especially during uncertain times. With inflation soaring, the unpredictability of the stock markets, and commodity prices like oil being all over the map, the uncertainty of traditional assets can create panic and concern with investors and regular people just like you.

Fortunately, despite the uncertainty of traditional markets, gold is an asset that gains in value during volatile markets. And with gold at an all-time high, now may be the best time to consider selling your jewelry and other items. 

Whether you need some quick cash or looking to sell your heirlooms for what they’re worth, you could leave a lot of money on the table if you don’t know how to sell it or where the best place to sell gold is. 

Finding a dealer that is experienced, reputable, trustworthy, and fair should be just as important to you as the jewelry you’re selling. Industry leader Cash for Gold USA has handled over 300,000 customers since 2005, paying out more than $160,000,000 during that time making them one of the most trusted names in the business.

So, if you’re asking yourself is it an excellent time to sell gold jewelry in 2022, this blog is designed to help you decide how to find the best options to sell for top dollar. 

The Best Time To Sell Your Gold

We know the anxiety that an uncertain economic future can create and if you’re in a rush to sell your assets such as gold, getting your cash fast and hassle-free can be a huge relief. 

If you’ve ever wondered when is a good time to sell gold, the answer is when economic indicators are unfavorable. 

People look to gold, silver, and other precious metals when inflation rises, there are significant downturns in the stock market, or global politics such as the war in Ukraine occur. 

As inflation is at a 40-year high and global tensions continue to rise, people are looking for a traditionally safe investment, diving into gold like at no other time in history. And with recent prices of $2,000 per ounce of gold, now is the best time to sell your jewelry, gold and silver coins, Rolex watches, and more. 

As these negative economic factors continue, the best time to sell your gold is right now. At Cash for Gold USA, you can have confidence that we will offer quick and easy valuations to help you get the money you need immediately.

How To Sell Your Gold

Selling your gold, jewelry, and other precious metals shouldn’t be stressful. You’re already stressed enough as it is, what you need is a certified, trustworthy dealer that will give you the best price for your gold. 

Cash for Gold is a verified dealer for your gold, silver, diamonds, and other jewelry that provides no-hassle deals to get you the best prices.

Selling your gold must be secure and trustworthy. 

Finding a dealer and where to sell gold safely for top-dollar, you want a local dealer that has numerous 5-star reviews, offers flexible, quick payment options, and provides a risk-free evaluation. 

Cash for Gold USA provides a painless, risk-free way to find the true value of your items and get the money you desperately need right away.

There are five significant factors to consider to find the best dealer for you.

  1. Check the markings on your gold and jewelry to be sure of the gold’s purity. The marks could either be in karats or numbers. For example, pure gold is listed as 24k or 999, with each following number or ”k” representing the purity of gold in the jewelry.
  2. Find a reputable online dealer to evaluate and make you a risk-free offer. Online provides the highest prices per sale over traditional stores and pawn shops. Your best request will come from a dealer with a long track record and plenty of reviews. Visit their website to see if they can get you a free appraisal kit today.
  3.  Look for a price-match guarantee and see whether they offer free, secure shipping like Cash for Gold USA’s guarantee. If they don’t provide you price-matching and fast, free shipping, you need to look elsewhere.
  4. Flexible and fast payment options. There should be a 24-hour turnaround front the time they evaluate your gold to the time they pay you. Cash for Gold will pay you within 24 hours, either through PayPal or Bank Wire, depending on your preference.
  5. They offer free, safe, and insured shipping. However, some online dealers will ask you to ship them your precious metals without providing a secure way to guarantee your items. Cash for Gold USA offers tracking and insured shipping for up to $1,000 via USPS and $5,000 through FedEx.

    Check their FAQ for specifics on their estimate, shipping, and payment procedures to see if Cash for Gold USA is your best dealer. 

So, if you’re asking yourself, “is it a good time to sell gold jewelry,” the answer in 2022 is yes.